Parish Pastoral Council

The Saint Joseph Parish Pastoral Council helps the parish fulfill its mission of continually embracing, celebrating and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ by: (1) evaluating parish programs, organizations and activities always keeping in mind the parish mission statement;(2) suggesting new programs and activities; (3) sharing responsibility for evaluating and enhancing the parish’s financial health and development; and (4) offering wisdom and guidance to assist the pastor in his leadership role. The Pastoral Council is comprised of the pastor and eight members of the parish who are elected and serve for three-year terms. To see the current members, please click MEMBERS. To make an appeal request, please click HERE.

To request to make an appeal at the parish, please complete this form and email it to [email protected].

PPC guidelines (with mission statement), modified 2021 is available here:

Parish Finance Council

The role of the Parish Finance Council is to help the parish fulfill its mission. The Finance Council advises the Pastor concerning all financial matters, works to maintain the financial well-being of the parish, reviews major parish expenditures and suggests cost savings procedures, assists the parish accountant and pastor in preparing the budget and financial reports required by the Archdiocese and engages in long term financial planning. The Finance Council is comprised of the Pastor, Parish Business Manager, Parish Facilities Director, Parish Accountant and eight members of the parish who are appointed by the Pastor for a three year term. For more information, email the Parish Office at [email protected].

Parish Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is a group of parishioners who gather together to plan and execute fundraising projects for the parish. The committee coordinates events and needs with the Parish Council and the Parish Finance Council. The money raised is used to maintain the buildings and programs of the parish. Examples of events have included a Beefsteak Dinner, Concert, and fundraising through local dining venues. Anyone willing to assist in this important ministry can email [email protected].

School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board provides assistance to the principal in achieving the mission of the school. Members serve the school by offering time and talent and to enable the school to fulfill its mission of education in the Catholic Church. Parish and School community can expect the Board to: (1) suggest areas where policy would be helpful; (2) recommend means to finance a viable quality educational program; (3) recommend policy through the Principal and the Pastor; (4) develop marketing strategies; and (5) provide for ongoing education of Board Members.
The Board provides vision, diversity of talent, information, service, support and enthusiasm. Any person who is 18 years or older and who has shown a deep interest and commitment to Catholic education and who is willing to give time and energy for the advancement of Catholic education is eligible to become a member of the Board. Ordinarily, employees and their spouses are not eligible for School Advisory Board membership. If you require any additional information, please contact Ms. Pierinelli at [email protected].