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Our ministry is committed to providing a loving and faith-filled environment for all middle school kids and teenagers. We provide a place for our youth to grow in Christ. We empower them to ignite their faith, build upon our Christian values and establish themselves as valued members of our parish. Saint Joseph Youth Ministry invites all teens in grades 9-12 to the relaunched youth group IGNITE. This teen group hosts weekly meetings and monthly events, such as trips and volunteer opportunities within and outside our community. Meetings take place selected Tuesday evenings at the Youth Center (Curry House). Come by and hang out, play games, grow in faith and become a leader within our church community. BE THE LIGHT is our new pre-teens youth group. We invite all 7th and 8th graders selected Tuesday evenings in the Youth Center. Come gather in fun and friendship, as you grow in our church community. Come share your talents– It’s a great opportunity to strengthen your faith and become an active member of our parish. If you would like more information, please contact our Youth Minister Ellen at [email protected]. Registration forms are here:


EWTN Youth page:

Archdiocese of Newark Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office:

All rising freshmen are invited to join Youth Ministry for a night around the fire for fun discussions, games and smores.



Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday


The Youth Ministry collected donations to help women and children in need at The Apostles House in Newark. Stacey Dinburg of “2 Degrees Foundation” presented to the Youth Ministry about homeless women and domestic violence. Stacey led the teens in a discussion of how to help others and incorporate faith in their actions. (Jan. 2023)
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry has resumed from our Christmas break by chalking and blessing our Youth Center for 2023. Our ministry is open to all 7th to 12th graders. Join us!
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry has had a wonderful start to the New Year and we are blessed to enter our 5th year of ministry. May God continue to bestow his many blessings upon us. Thank you to all that joined us for the January Teen Mass. Your support for our ministry is appreciated and your presence is important to us.
The Youth Ministry’s first meeting of the year was held on the ice rink at Van Saun Park. It was an evening filled with fun, friendship and faith. Thank you to all the chaperones that helped with this event
Fr. John blessed the chalk for use at our homes on the Feast of Epiphany.
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry had a wonderful afternoon at our parish Christmas Concert. Some of the teens greeted the audience and handed out programs.


 The Peace Light flame has burned continuously for 1,000 years at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Each year it is transferred lantern-to-lantern from Tel Aviv, to Austria, to New York City. Saint Joseph Youth Ministry had the honor of receiving the Peace Light and sharing it with not only our parish, but also with Queen of Peace (North Arlington) and Our Lady of Mercy (Park Ridge.) 
The Peace Light is a symbol of the Light of Christ. It is meant to promote peace, harmony and unity among all people. This year the Peace Light is being dedicated to peace in the Ukraine.

“I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”   
-John 8:12
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry donated food to feed a family of 4 for Thanksgiving: breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Nov. 2022)
Kayleigh Turner and Aidan Solinas received the Archdiocesan Youth Discipleship Award at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark for their contributions to their ministry and our parish. Dan Ferrari received The Archdiocesan Adult Light of the World Award for his continual support to our Youth Ministry and his work with our teens. Pictured are Ellen Solinas (our parish youth minister), Aidan Solinas, Kayleigh Turner, and Bishop Saporito, along with recipients from Our Lady of Mercy. (December 2022)

FALL 2022

Saint Joseph Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry (FUEL) hosted a beautiful evening of Adoration.  (October 2022)
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry donated food to feed a family for four for Thanksgiving: breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Nov. 2022)
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry collected personal care items for the victims in Florida. Fr. John led the teens in prayer for the victims and blessed the donations (October 2022)
Former SJS Principal Dr. Valenti visited the SJ Youth Ministry. 
Dr. Valenti provided beautiful gift bags for the teens. (October 2022)
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry held a Day of Service. We started our day in prayer at the start line of the Oradell Kids Foundation 5K. Some of our teens participated in the race while others served water to the runners. We then continued to Saint Joseph
Care Corner where we assembled 105 bags  for needy families. The teens cleaned out the Grotto and planted colorful mums around our Youth Center. We then turned our attention to the 2nd floor of the Youth Center, which we cleaned out and reorganized
to provide a prayer room and gathering space for FUEL, the SJ Young Adult Ministry. Thanks to all the teens who put their faith in motion and served our parish with loving hearts. (October 2022).
The teens joined with the parish to participate in the Rosary Congress
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry traveled to Sacred Heart Basilica to venerate Padre Pio’s relics. Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Tobin. 
Saint Joseph Parish community participated in the Oradell 9/11 Memorial service.  Alex Saldana from our Youth Ministry played taps.
Many of our Youth Ministry attended the Oradell 9/11 Memorial service, honoring our country and the fallen…and supporting fellow members in Boy Scout Troop 36. 


God painted the sky while Youth Ministry painted “get well” gifts for those who are sick.
Such a beautiful evening with beautiful people. 
Following the August Teen Mass, we had our infamous Taco Tuesday meal with our special guest Fr. Anthony. 
The teens also started a mural in the kitchen of the Youth Center. 
Big thank you to the Gibney and the Murray families for taking YM to the movies and to the Oradell Swim Club.
Our teens boldly and proudly gathered in prayer and let the light of Christ be seen for all.

JUNE 2022

SJYM took part in the Corpus Christi procession around parish grounds to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
Bryan and Aidan created the altar used on the feast of Corpus Christi.
Member Danny Palazzo led a collection for Mercy House for his Eagle Scout project.
Fr John gave a blessing to Danny and Troop 36 before they organized the huge collection.
Lucas proclaiming the word of God at Quo Vadis 3-day vocational camp for young men.  
Lucas at Quo Vadis camp with Fr. Anthony Di Stefano and Fr. Christian

Saint Joseph Youth Ministry welcomed Fr John as Spiritual Director. After he celebrated Mass, the teens cooked a Father’s Day dinner.
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry celebrates all our graduates from 8th grade. May God bless their bright futures in their new high schools.

MAY 2022

May God Bless our new priests.
Father Christian at Sacred Heart Basilica to celebrate the Ordination of our 5 new priests.
Special shout out to Fr. Matthew Gonzales a former student of Saint Joseph School.
SJYM honored the memory of our fallen heroes on Memorial Day.
SJ Youth teens Brendan Sullivan and William Smith at SJS Art and Poetry Cafe.
We are blessed to have such talent in our community. Brendan’s art work was featured…
…and William impressed the crowd with his poetry reading.
Shout out to Monroe Quinn for providing amazing music and rounding out the evening of artists.
We welcomed a panel of Heroes to our Youth Center to discuss their faith and how it impacts their daily lives as they serve others.  Our Heroes shared how their relationship with God helps them serve others in the way Christ has taught us. We thank them for caring for our minds, bodies, and souls. Participants: Lynn Sullivan (Paramedic); Eric Shuler (Retired National Guard); Sergeant David Michael Solinas Jr. (Active duty 82nd Airborne), Eamon Gibney (Oradell Firefighter), and
Fr. Anthony Di Stefano (Pastor of Queen of Peace, North Arlington) 
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SJYM worked with Eric Shuler and the American Legion to send care packages containing Bibles, rosaries, and toiletries to active-duty soldiers. Sergeant David Michael Solinas Jr. took the supplies to Fort Bragg for distribution. 
SJYM delivered food for those in need at Mercy House. Thanks to those that donated to help us supply some relief to many families.
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry enjoyed a fun-filled day at the Catholic Youth Rally at Six Flags.  Our day was filled with thrilling rides, greasy food, and great friends and concluded with Mass hosted by the Archdiocese of Camden. We were blessed to be one in communion with fellow teens and leaders. (May 2022)
SJYM partnered with Saint Joseph Care Corner to collect donations which will help provide much-needed supplies for those in need.
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry celebrated our Blessed Mother by crowning Our Lady of Lourdes at the Grotto during our family Teen Mass.
The teens cooked, served and honored all their Moms at an outdoor candlelight dinner. Our ministry is blessed by mothers that lead the faith journey of our beautiful and faith filled teens. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women that help us develop our faith and guide us as we’re grow in parish life. We appreciate you and your dedication to our ministry. 
SJYM partnered with Reclaim to Proclaim to assemble Mother’s Day gifts that were distributed by The Mercy House in Newark. We are blessed to work with different ministries that expose us to the needs of others and guide us in way to help. Our hearts are joyful seeing the smiling faces. 

APRIL 2022

Beautiful discussion on Eucharistic Adoration and the Real Presence
An evening of singing, dancing, and football
A visit by Br. Thomas (CFR)!
Blessed evening packed with food, friends and fellowship
The YM prepared a prayerful Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

Working together in the best possible space to prepare for Holy Week. Thanks to Fr. John and his crew for their beautiful vision of the Sacred tomb. Thanks also to the teens for preparing to walk us through the crucifixion.
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry enjoyed a night out at the theater.  We saw our very own Ian Smith play the role of Ryan Evans in “High School Musical” at Immaculate Conception HS. Well done, Ian; we had a fantastic evening enjoying your performance.

LENT 2022

Fr. Gino celebrated the Teen Mass and joined us for dinner, faith sharing and basketball. (April 2022)
Saint Joseph Youth Ministry filled 100 Easter gift bags with goodies for children who visit Mercy House in Newark. (April 2022)
Eucharistic adoration (March 2022)

The Youth ministry collected cereal boxes for the Mercy House in Hackensack. Saint Joseph’s parishioners helped feed over 400 families in need. (March 2022)

Saint Joseph Youth Ministry welcomed Martin DeBenedetto (from Sacred Heart parish) to discuss his “Reclaim to Proclaim” Ministry, which distributes donated religious items to parishes in need worldwide. Our Youth Ministry helped assemble 100 bags which will be shared with unwed mothers in Newark on Mother’s Day.  Prayer cards, rosaries and miraculous medals were all recycled and beautifully put together to be gifted to some very special women. 
A gift of wristbands from the parish was distributed by the Youth Ministry on Ash Wednesday. The Lenten message of Lent to PRAY, FAST and GIVE inscribed on the wristbands reminds us to practice these virtues, which will lead us to a true conversion of the heart. 

Saint Joseph Youth Ministry families enjoyed a private tour of Sacred Heart Basilica in Newark. Fr. Bismarck Chau led us in prayer at the altar of St. Joseph.

Saint Joseph Youth Ministry is preparing for Lent! The teens have begun to make solid reminders of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. These special original reminders will be shared with parishioners at the Living Stations of The Cross on April 15th. Our teens continue to show their dedication to our parish in a very talented way.  (Feb. 2022)


Fr. Christian, Spiritual Director of our Youth Ministry, blessed the throats of our members in honor of the feast of St. Blaise at our recent Teen Mass. We also had our Teen Synod “listening session” over pizza. 


Saint Joseph Youth Ministry spent an evening on the ice while waiting for our parish buildings to reopen. We had a wonderful evening under the stars, while having a blast on the ice. We finished off the evening with hot chocolate, followed by prayer at the fire pit.


Saint Joseph Youth Ministry gathered with  Bishop Saporito for an evening of faith sharing and lots of time for questions and answers.  We were blessed for such a wonderful opportunity and grateful for the Bishop’s heart felt stories and prayers for all our teens.


Please view our “year at a glance” on video.  It is very obvious how strong and active our ministry has been, despite of all our ever ending changes. The teens have proven that they are committed to their faith and their parish. We may be a little different in our approach to our faith, but we are Christ-centered in our actions and in our spiritual growth. 

We are blessed to have such a wonderful space in our parish community that we can call home and it truly allows us to grow as a family. We are resilient and we have definitely navigated COVID better than most. We may be back to winter coats, blankets and smores at the fire pit. We are ready for the next COVID challenge and we can weather this storm AGAIN, because we have Jesus by our side. Jesus has truly been our hope and strength and as always has never failed us.

Thanks all for your continued support. May God bless us all and especially our Youth Ministry this upcoming year. 

Advent/ Christmas – December 2021


The Bethlehem Peace Light is an eternal flame originating in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Each year, a child brings the flame to special lamps which are flown from Tel Aviv to Vienna and then on to NYC.

Our youth ministry was one of the recipients of the peace light at JFK airport on 12/11, and brought the light back to our parish to share.

Share the light of Christ’s peace throughout the season and beyond!

To see more photos, click below:



On December 5th, the SJYM Christmas celebration began with our Teen Mass. Monsignor Hubba continued the tradition of blessing our Nativity while Dan Ferrari read Luke 2:1-20 to the teens. We followed up with a gift swap and, as always, a meal. Our Ministry is so grateful to Monsignor Hubba, Fr. Christian,  Fr. John, and the parish for all your support.  You allow us to encounter Christ and grow in our faith in a wonderful way and in turn we hope we serve you well. We wish you a Blessed and Holy Christmas Season.

NCYC – November 2021

The Youth Ministry attended NCYC locally this year due to COVID. We had a wonderful faith-filled day. We were blessed to hear wonderful people share their faith journey. We ended our 1-day retreat with Mass celebrated by Bishop Saporito. Lucas was honored to participate in the Mass.

RECOGNITION – November 2021

Congratulations to Liam Gibney and Derek DiPirro for receiving the Archdiocesan Youth Discipleship Award, and to our Young Adult (FUEL) core member, Nathalie Beltran, who received the Archdiocesan Light of the World Award. We commend all of our honorees for their leadership, dedication and service to both our Lord and our parish. We are blessed and proud their contributions to Saint Joseph’s Youth/Young Adult Ministry. Well done, good and faithful servants. Congratulations also to our Youth Minister, Ellen Solinas, who was awarded the Saint John Paul II Award for her exemplary work with the youth of our parish. May God continue to bless your work.


Saint Joseph Youth Ministry was busy preparing to honor our military this week.  The teens truly put their faith into action.

We honored veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice with a Missing Soldier table, which remained in our Youth Center this week. We reflected on each symbol placed at the table. 

Fr. Christian blessed two boxes of supplies being sent to our soldiers in Iraq. Our gifts will be received by Fr. AJ DaSilva, a frequent guest of our ministry. We look forward to welcoming him home from Iraq soon. We continue to pray for his safety and all active duty servicemen and women. Special thanks to Eric Shuler, Judy and Bryan Rosenberg, and “Reclaim to Proclaim” for supplying Bibles and rosaries in our care packages. Also a big thank you to our Youth Ministry and Mrs Aquino’s class for all their loving notes of support for Fr. AJ and his troops. We pray that these packages of faith, hope and love will bring comfort to those defending our freedom.

Big shout out to our ministry teens that also serve Troop 36 in Oradell. The scouts delivered care packages to all the veterans living in Oradell, and the response was overwhelming.

Happy Veterans to all especially our parishioners here at Saint Joseph Parish.


At our last Parish Teen Mass, we remembered our loved ones, represented by candles placed on the altar.  Following the Mass, Fr. Christian blessed St. Joseph statues for all to take home in celebration of All Saints Day.