• Born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger – April 16, 1927
• Ordained Priest – June 29, 1951
• Ordained Bishop – Archbishop of Munchen und Freising – May 28, 1977
• Created Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria Consolatrice al Tiburtino – June 27, 1977
• Appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – November 25, 1981
• Created Cardinal-Bishop of Velletri-Segni – April 5, 1993
• Confirmed Dean of the College of Cardinals – November 30, 2002
• Elected Pope Benedict XVI – April 19, 2005
• Inaugurated Petrine Ministry – April 24, 2005
• Resigned Papacy – February 28, 2013
• Entered Eternal Life – December 31, 2022

As a priest, Ratzinger was regarded as an academic scholar. He was a professor of Theology at universities, and a prolific writer. Among his many writings were three Encyclicals.
Deus caritas est on December 25, 2005 “God is love”
Spe salvi on November 30, 2007 “In hope we are saved”
Caritas in veritate on June 29, 2009 “Charity in truth”

He participated in the Second Vatican Council as a theological advisor. After being elected Pope, he realized the best way to reach Catholic communities, was to travel to them. Pope Benedict visited the US in 2008. Then in 2013, Pope Benedict felt he didn’t have the physical strength to carry out the duties of the position, and became the first Pope to resign the Papacy in 600 years. (Information gathered from the Archdiocese, and from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

God does not hide behind clouds of impenetrable mystery… he has shown himself, he talks to us and is with us; he lives with us and guides us in our lives.
-Pope Benedict’s Homily. Sistine Chapel, Feast of the Baptism of The Lord, January 8 2006

In honor of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and in thanksgiving for his life of service to the Church, in solidarity with many Catholic Churches around the Archdiocese, our Church bells were tolled on January 5th, the day of Pope Benedict’s funeral in Rome. Please join us in continuing to pray for the repose of the Soul of the late Pontiff, and for the consolation of his family and friends.
-Fr. Christian Scalo

We pray, O Lord, that your servant Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who served by your will on earth as the
visible foundation of your Church’s unity, may be happily admitted to your blessed flock.

-Various Prayers for the Dead, For a Pope